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The Chevrolet Impala is a Fullsize Phoenix

There are very few models on the market today with as storied a history as the Chevrolet Impala. In the automotive days of yore, this was the quintessential family sedan, and exemplified everything the Bow-Tie stood for. Now in its tenth generation, it has returned to reclaim the brand's lofty crown.

Today's model boasts a design that is nothing short of eye catching. With aggressive headlamps and grille, it stands out from the mainstream segments more dull offerings. Adding to the Impala's laundry list of accomplishments is its top safety marks, and the recent addition of a…

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Valets can't touch the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette

We don't know about you, but we're the kind of people who have rules set in place for when passengers are in our cars. We don't mean the new and used cars on our lot here at Chase Chevrolet, but rather the wheels we call our own. While others may find it silly that we don't allow food or drinks in the cabin, these rules are set in place for good reason.

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