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The Spark is brighter than ever

The humdrum commute has gotten to be more boring than usual. Even seeing the same people on the streets, in the same cars, going the same way as you, has become quite monotonous. Instead of driving the same old bland car in, try a different set of wheels that is more comfortable, more efficient, more nimble, and has more pop.

With the latest update from the Chevrolet Spark, this sub-compact car is set to take…

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New Chevrolet Malibu Hits Home Run in NY

In the days of yore, the Chevrolet Malibu was a heavy hitter in the realm of American automotive innovation and design. But with recent midsize sedans out of Detroit seeking to snatch that title away from the Malibu and its storied history, the Bow-Tie brand has sought to hit a home run with the car for 2016.

And hit a home run they did. The new Malibu looks nothing short of ace, with a premium…

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