Cool Colors on the Chevrolet Suburban

Your next vehicle should reflect your personality and style. Luckily, Chevrolet has you covered with the new Suburban. This popular large SUV is available in a range of colors to suit anyone's distinct style. Whether you want something sophisticated or vibrant, we have the color for you at Chase Chevrolet.

There are nine different shades in total. The exact colors you can choose from will depend on trim level. If you're looking to get an SUV with a neutral shade, you can choose from a couple of different gray and white options. These colors also come in distinct finishes, like metallic or pearl tri-coat.

Chevrolet is also offering unique colors to drivers in Stockton. Shadow Gray Metallic is a muted blue color that stands out. Blue Velvet is a deeper blue shade that looks regal on the road. For those who want a vehicle that stands out, the Chevrolet Suburban is also available in Siren Red.

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