Getting Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

It's never any surprise that most people participate in spring cleaning, whether it's their house or their car. The weather's perfect, and the winter blues and winter road salt both get taken care of. Our dealership wants you to know as much as possible about properly taking care of your car. So here's some spring care tips to help.

Following the winter months, it's really important to get that cold weather grime removed. You can hand wash your car, but never use dish soap as that can strip any wax protection.

It's wise to have any checkups done now before the weather gets even warmer. This means checking your tire pressure, checking out clamps and belts, inspecting all your car's bulbs, and replacing worn out blades with new ones.

If you need a professional service to keep your car season ready, our service center at Chase Chevrolet in Stockton, CA are ready to help. Stop by today!

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