Fuel Filters are Key Components

Your vehicle engine may provide the motive force that moves your car down the road, but without the gas, diesel or other fuel provided by your fuel delivery system in place, your motor would not run.

The fuel delivery system includes many parts that need to cooperate in order to provide gas to your engine on time and in the proper quantities.

One small but very important part of this system is the fuel filter. Various car manufacturers locate their fuel filters in different places, but they all perform the same basic function: Ensure that the fuel is clean before it reaches the cylinders.

Fuel filters are usually durable and may last for many thousands of miles before requiring replacements. That said, if outside debris gets into the fuel system these materials can clog and foul filters.

In order to prevent this from happening it is important for you to have your fuel system parts inspected on a regular basis. At our Stockton location, our certified and seasoned fuel system technicians can look over your system in no time at all. For a quick, no-obligation conversation, swing by service center at Chase Chevrolet today.

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