All Weather Tire Selection Course

Car tire selection based on three aspects includes all season, all summer and winter tires. Here at Chase Chevrolet, our team of expert and experienced professionals offers a refresher course on how to select tires. It ensures you do not make any mistakes.

All-summer tires have the best handling and dry breaking averagely good in noise riding and wet breaking, they are 'good' in comfortable rides and rolling resistance and are fair when it comes to snow traction. All-season tires are 'very good' in handling and almost excellent in dry braking, they are 'very good' too in wet braking and noise reduction ride, and are 'relatively very good' in rolling resistance and relatively 'very good' in snow traction. For winter and snow tires, they are relatively 'good' in handling dry breaking and wet breaking they are 'good' in less ride noise, excellent in comfort, relatively 'good' in rolling resistance and excellent in snow traction.

Stop by our service center here at Chase Chevrolet to ensure you have all-weather ride experience, from our refresher course.

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