Chase Chevrolet Offers Genuine Replacement Parts

Most customers make the mistake of going for aftermarket parts from independent dealers which frustrate them in the long run. Our dealership in Stockton, CA offers you original replacement parts from the manufacturer that guarantees the longevity of your car concerning quality and effectiveness.

OEM parts come from your specific vehicle’s manufacturer hence offer greater quality assurance because they will perform exactly as the replaced ones. Therefore, the OEM parts will give you familiarity and guaranteed performance. Besides, the OEM parts that we stock come with a warranty that holds us liable for future repairs and provision of labor. It is also easier for you to get your desired part with convenience.

The aftermarket parts come with an overwhelming selection hence you may end up not getting the right type for your car. Also, they usually don’t have a warranty. Our experts will offer you reliable advice and help you get the right fit for your vehicle.

Visit or contact us at 6441 Holman Road for more information and assistance with replacement parts!

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