Don't Ignore Tire Rotation

Surprisingly, quite a few car owner's do not heed warnings about tire rotation. They simply choose to place tire rotation on the back burner. Meanwhile, they start to notice that their car seems to hit every bump in the road or that they have tremendous difficulty handling curves or sharp turns. The fact is that the tires wear out differently. For example, the front tires on your vehicle might wear out faster than the rear tires. Clearly, this is true for a front wheel drive vehicle. Here are reasons to rotate your tires.

  • Tire rotation is assurance that your tires wear out evenly
  • Ignoring tire rotation will reduce the lifespan of your tires
  • Ignoring tire rotation leads to an uncomfortable ride in your vehicle

Our service team at Chase Chevrolet in Stockton is waiting to handle all your maintenance and tire rotation tasks for your vehicle. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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